I am very grateful to Sridhar Mallepally, who has helped immensely with my sleep. I used to get a pattern of struggling dreams which made me tired and made me to feel as if I did not sleep whole night. I had this problem for nearly 40 years. Sridhar did a wonderful hypnosis session. It was like an age regression. He took me to my childhood days and removed blockages in my subconscious mind. He taped the session very nicely and made me to practice self hypnosis. My issue got completely resolved after a few days of consistent practice. Now I get a very good, struggle free sleep. He has a very nice office. He treats very professionally and makes the session a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. I myself being a hypnotist, I understand the depth of his knowledge and earnest desire to help. He is truly the BEST HYPNOTHERAPIST.
DR. Jan Iyengar
Body-Mind Wellness Center

Hi Sridhar,
It has been 6 days and I have not had a soda. I have been telling everyone about you and people are really impressed. I hope you do not mind that I posted your Amazon Local add on my Facebook page. My wife wants to see you for weight loss, my daughter for past life, and my son for sports. Is there any kind of deal we can put together?